Adoption - Agency/Attorney

Adoption is a complex social and legal process that varies among each adoption provider. CAIRS Solutions not only understands these differences, but embraces them.

Although you’re in the business of building families, there is still other important business to be taken care of. CAIRS Solutions provides you with the tools and products to get you out from under the paperwork and doing what matters most… helping people achieve their goals, whether parenting or placing a child.


MyAdoptionPortal (MAP) is the most complete and flexible case management tool on the market. MAP is highly customizable and can meet any specifications you require. If it doesn’t already meet your needs, we can create a solution for you. Some of the features include:

Feature List





Core Case Data

All the information about the adoptive family, birth parents, foster parents, foster children, intended parents, and gestational carriers their relationships, case note, etc.


The rules module allows the agency or attorney to automate the specific task. It can support complex situations based on location, past relationships, county/state/federal requirements, and individual situations.


Allows clients to login and complete online forms, communicate with caseworkers, track progress.


Allows the agency or attorney to create both simple and complex fee structures/templates that can be applied or changed based on the situation of the client.


Provides the ability for the agency or attorney to customize the tasks client performs in the system.


Allows the agency or attorney to post website links to users within the system. This is useful for providing links to other informational websites based on the type of user in the system.

Document Merge

Documents such as government related forms can be mapped and created on the fly and completed in seconds.


Allows the agency or attorney to receive payments from their clients online. The payments types supported are PayPal, credit cards through, and CAIRS Solutions ECheck product

Case Notes

MAP eases the pain of case notes by automating it and doing it all electronically for the caseworker.

Electronic References

Provides the ability to electronically receive references for clients. This replaces the need to send and receive paper-based references. The results of electronic references are placed in the case notes of the client.


Internal secure communication functionality for clients and caseworkers. All communications to/from the caseworker are recorded in case notes automatically.


Allows you to create electronic surveys that either the client references (recommendation provider) can take online. The results of the survey are stored in the clients’ case notes.

Custom Electronic Forms

You have the ability to define your own electronic forms. Electronic forms can be single column, double column, multipage, and supports digital signing and acknowledgment.


Enables the agency or attorney to schedule events single and reoccurring as well as paid. The event management system can be integrated into your website or be viewed only by families or individuals that are logged into MAP.

Document Mgt.

Supports storing documents for clients. Documents can be uploaded into the document management module either by the client or caseworker.


The alerts module monitors key dates (customer defined) in the client data and based on criteria will perform an action when the criteria are met. The alert module is capable of sending an individual message, message to a group or assigning tasks to caseworker.

Caseworker Task

Used to identify and track specific tasks that need to be completed by the caseworker to support their client. The caseworker is notified of tasks that are past due, due today, and due within the next several days.


A drag-and-drop end-user tool that allows the agency or attorney to report on any data within the system. Reports can be created on the fly and fully customized to meet the needs of the adoption agency or attorney.


The finance module tracks and manages the payments and expenses for a case including payments received from, invoicing to, and management of expenses from clients





Here's an intersection of social media and marketing you may not have considered: connecting adoption agencies/attorneys, adoptive parents, and birth mothers. Adoption providers see the need to use social-media sites to market to women facing unplanned pregnancies and adoptive parents are getting savvier about using sites to make their case for an adoptive child in an open and honest manner. ParentFinder addresses all these needs in one comprehensive solution.

Feature List




Approval for Adoptive Parent (AP) content

Ability to administer your agency's Adoptive Parents

Auto approval or manual approval

Published contact information for your agency

Forums for ONLY the Agency's Adoptive Parents

Agency Event Publications

IM's for only the Agency's Adoptive Parents

Featured Agencies

Email capabilities to Adoptive Parents

Ability to print entire waiting family list to a PDF to deliver to a Birth Parent (BP)

Badge code for agency website which will update automatically (Standard CAIRS Look and Feel) with 1 column and 2 column displays

Search for waiting families based on numerous criteria: Child Age, Child Ethnicity, Child Gender, Special Needs, Couple Ethnicity, Couple Family Structure, Couple Religion, Agency, State, Region, and more.

Badge code for agency website which will update automatically (CUSTOM Look and Feel) with 1 column and 2 column displays




ChildConnect was designed to maintain the connection between adoptive families and birth parents preserving this important relationship at the level specified by the users. Whether a fully open, semi-open, or more closed adoption, ChildConnect supports the commitment made by adoptive families to keep their child’s birth family updated. Lifebooks are automatically generated for adoptive families to upload pictures, videos, letters, and documents for birth parents to view. Email and text message reminders are created to keep adoptive families on task and on time- so no need to call and remind families about missed deadlines. Additionally, ChildConnect provides a secure communication messaging system that protects the identities of the parties and cuts down on the volume of calls to your agency/firm.

  • Drastically reduces/eliminates storage of pictures/files on site
  • Staff no longer handling constant calls from birth parents for overdue pictures and updates
  • Reduces time and cost in receiving/sending updates
  • Well documented history of contract compliance
  • Mechanism for parties to communicate in a safe, secure and confidential manner

Birth Parent Survey Site

The Birth Parent Survey Site was designed to elicit real, unbiased experiences from women and men that have gone through the difficult and emotional process of placing a child for adoption. Birth parents are encouraged to rate their experience with their particular agency or attorney and to give critical and helpful feedback, whether positive or negative so others may benefit from this information when selecting an adoption service provider.

  • Review the experiences of birth parents with your particular adoption agency/firm
  • Learn what birth parents are saying about other agencies/firm
  • Offers you the opportunity to market your services to potential birth parents